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Mooring Fee

Tobago Cays Marine Park – XCD 60.00 (per 24 hrs)

Mooring Balls are provided at selected locations so that boats do not anchor in coral or sea grass beds, this is important for the protection of the biodiversity at the TCMP.

While regular maintenance is conducted on all moorings, the TCMP is not liable for any damages caused during the use of these moorings.

There is now a new Anchoring Fee, this fee is for boats visiting the Park that cannot or do not utilize the mooring buoys.

Park Entry Fee

All visitors to the Tobago Cays Marine Park are required to pay an Entry Fee of XCD 15 (per person) allowing a stay of up to 24 hours. The entry fee only applies for access to the ‘protection zone’, visitors to Mayreau, Salt Whistle Bay are not be required to pay the entry fees.

Park Entry Fees are used in the management, maintenance and improvement of the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

The Tobago Cays Marine Park assumes no responsibility or liability for any encounter through the use of our services


Tobago Cays Marine Park
Clifton Union Island

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

+1 784 4858191

About us

The Tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP), located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, houses a series of globally significant habitats including coral reefs, sea turtle nesting sites and feeding areas, and small systems of mangroves. The marine portion of the park surrounds five uninhabited cays, the populated island of Mayreau, and three islets. The four-kilometer long Horseshoe Reef, the longest of the four main reef systems in the TCMP, encloses four of the cays (Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Baradal, and Jamesby) with the fifth cay (Petit Tabac) lying just outside the reef to the east.